what animal fits you best

that is there is a deal of human nature in the lower animals is a very obviouis fact;or we may turn the proposition around and say, with equal truth, that there is a deal of animal nature in us humans. If man is of animal origin, as we are now all coming to believe, how could this be otherwise? We are all made of one stuff

have you ever tought that you shared the same qualities of a horse, dog, or maybe even a tiger? well nows your chance to find out, take this short quiz and find whitch animal your pesonality most reflects

Created by: emily

  1. do you consider yourself popular?
  2. do you consider your self a good friend?
  3. do you consider yourself athletic?
  4. would you get upset if someone called you a nerd?
  5. whats your favorite color?
  6. choose a number
  7. do you prank call?
  8. what animal do you hope you get?
  9. do you like pie? (has no effect)
  10. last question... did you like this test? (has no effect)

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