What Animal Are You (Part 2) Air

This quiz is a continuation of What animal are you (Part 1). Take this if you received air. These are the possible outcomes that you can get if you got air on that quiz.

So... Are you up for trying this? Make sure you don't take this test unless you have taken the previous one. That test has a link to this one if you got air, so... Yeah! Enjoy!

Created by: Aryanna Clarinette

  1. What word do you think best describes you?
  2. What do your friends describe you as?
  3. What's your favourite passtime?
  4. Where on earth would you most like to live?
  5. Which of these would you most like to eat?
  6. If you had an annoying nickname, it would most likely be...
  7. Your favourite historical figure is:
  8. You are most likely to say...
  9. You would most like to get...
  10. You think you will get...

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I (Part 2) Air