What animal are you?

There are many typs of animals in the world. They all come in many shapes and sizes. They can live in water, on land, or both. Infact today many people have animal living with them at this very momment!! Animals are almost like the humans cousin!!!!!

What animal Would YOU be? Thanks to this quiz toucan find out in just muinits!!! Would you be big or small? Were Would you live?? Well now you CAN find out!!! Why dont you give it a try!!!!!

Created by: Talking wolf

  1. What Best discribs you?
  2. What size would you want to be?
  3. Would you want fur?
  4. Do you like meats fruit or veggies??
  5. Are you tall?
  6. If you were an animal, what coloures should you want?
  7. Would you want to be tame or aggressive?
  8. Would you want to live in the sea, in the mountain tops, jungles, or in forests?
  9. Are you fast?
  10. Would you want to be wild?
  11. Did you like my quiz? (this will not effect your answer) ?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?