What animal are you???

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Do you love animals,well guess what. This quiz will tell you what kind of animal you will be after you answer the 12 questions. after you answer the 12 questions,don't worry if the animal you got,you think doesn't match you well...you are unique!!

there are 8 different kinds of animals you can be ...wait there might be more! This quiz is awesome if your a animal lover! Even wild animals are included,not only domesticated animals.

Created by: kenzy
  1. what activity would you rather do?
  2. what emotions do you show?
  3. what food would you eat?
  4. what kind of TV/movie genre would you watch?
  5. what drink would you like the best
  6. if you saw a endangered animal what would you do?
  7. what show would you watch?
  8. what habitat would you want to live in as a animal
  9. do you have a huge personality?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I???