What animal are you

Animals are amazing creatures and have so many different personalities let's find out which one you are I need to quit so people can easily figure out which animal they can relate to you when I was younger I had a special connection to animals and I only wanted to be I need to quit so that people can really get in touch with your inner animal

Let's figure out what kind of animal you are please let me know if you enjoy this quiz that I can make more like this I hope you guys enjoy this and be sure to check out some more of these quizzes hope you enjoy.

Created by: Callie

  1. On Friday nights what do you like to do
  2. When you get home from school what do you like to do
  3. Your perfect day includes
  4. what is your favorite subject in school
  5. One thing you must have in your house is
  6. At a sleepover you like to
  7. Your daily outfit is usually
  8. If you could live at one of these places which one would it be
  9. For exercise you like to
  10. For a meal you like

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Quiz topic: What animal am I