What animal are u?

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Very fun!!! it's also to make sure you are smart, too!!! Do u want 2 find out ur REAL animal?! then take this quiz!!!! i know wat animal u r if u answer the right questions! it's not a right or wrong answer!

-its not a right or wrong answer it's just tell the truth of what u like and what the real answer about u is then i can tell dont just make an answer thats obvious that will get u that animal!

Created by: Celeste

  1. Do you like fish?
  2. Do you like meat?
  3. Do you like fruit? (such as: apples)
  4. Do you like hunting?
  5. Do you like corn or seeds?
  6. what would you rather: flying, galloping, or running?
  7. what would you rahter: hunting, being fed, or looking for food? (what would you rather do to get food?)
  8. Do you have any friends? will not effect answer!!! TRUE!!!
  9. How did you like this quiz? will not effect answer!!!! TRUE!!!
  10. wat is 5 multiplied by 5? (to make sure you are smart)

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