What animal are you, truly?

This is a good animal quiz, and has four results: will you be a SEA OTTER, a VAMPIRE BAT, DART FROG, or a HARPY EAGLE? Each of those animals can be good, yet some can be bad. We all humans have our goods and bads, too. That makes us who we are, along with our spirit, or personality. Animals each have their personalities, too. That means there's one animal out there that is like you.

All animals are different, just like all people are different. This 17-question animal quiz will let you know what animal you are and how you're unique to other "animals."

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Hair color?
  2. Eye color?
  3. You'd like to relax where?
  4. If you get a cut, do you suck on it to stop the blood?
  5. Are you a good fighter?
  6. Are you outgoing?
  7. Do you like childish play?
  8. At school, you sit....
  9. You like to travel...
  10. What do you do when something amuses you?
  11. You like to be...
  12. You dream of...
  13. What's your favorite face?
  14. You want to.........
  15. What do you do when you're hyper?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I, truly?