personality test: what animal are you? :D

Everyone wants to be an animal. but they probably have so many favorite animals they cant choose which one to be. the truth is: ti is all based on your personality!

are you even meant to be an animal? is your personality soo good it cant be compared. Is your personality soo bad that there is absolutely no animal that can match you. well your gonna find out.

Created by: the best name
  1. Where would you prefer to live?
  2. what color hair do you have?
  3. would you prefer to fly, hold your breath for ages or run very fast?
  4. would you prefer to be spotted striped or plain?
  5. do you like dirty things?
  6. on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like animals?
  7. do you like to be colorful?
  8. If you saw someone getting bullied what do you do?
  9. if you went on a day trip with your friends where woulds you go?
  10. are you excited to see your answer?
  11. are you a meat eater or vegetarian?

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Quiz topic: Personality test: what animal am I? :D