What kind of animal are u?

there alot of animals that relate to each personality..some are fast, some like to swim...etc..are you a hunter? mabey you are a wolf, or something viciouse.....rarrrr...so take this quiz and you'll know which one you are......comeon im wiating....

What one are you???? take the quiz to find out.. you might or might-not like what you are...for all you know, you could be a lazy couch potatoe human and not an animal at all...thats a scary thought, huh???? you could be something viciouse and terrifying....

Created by: bAiLyDaWg!!

  1. What would you rather do when you're bored...?
  2. If you could have one kind of food to eat it would be...?
  3. what kind of place would u live in?
  4. If you had any pet, wout it be a...
  5. what do you do in a storm when the lights go out?
  6. what is your faveorite season?
  7. What is your favorite color
  8. how are you feeling right now
  9. what tv show do u like
  10. what kind of numbers do u like
  11. what fast food place do u like

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