What American Horror Story Character Are You?

The true question in life... What American Horror Story Character are You? One day you will find out, maybe that day is today. What do you think? I think yes!!

Are you Tate? Violet? My mom? Find out now by taking this 100% accurate test! It will give you some difficult choices but you'll definitely be satisfied with the results!

Created by: Llama_Phobic

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you murder the ones you love?
  2. Do your parents annoy the hell out of you?
  3. Lol If you are actually taking this you just realized its all a troll.
  4. lololololololololol Still taking this are we?
  5. leedle leedle leedle leedle ah trolling is fun B-)
  6. chhhhdbjn deidbhcadfgchjbkjhcnbfdhcbrqwvcbvwdhwlvhjb
  7. How you enjoying this m8?
  8. Im getting bored now, how many more of these shall I put?
  9. So, who actually watches AHS? I do, but Im too lazy to make an actual quiz so...
  10. Last question: Whats your fave color?

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Quiz topic: What American Horror Story Character am I?