what alolan pokemon are you?

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ever wondered what alolan pokemon you are? well time to find out :) enjoy the series of questions that are here! ;) lol have fun hope you like enjoy! :)

this took forever to make! so worth it tho lololol so yeah the in this test plzzz be honest plzzzzzz :( hope you like it :);) lolololololololololololol

Created by: maddy

  1. so lets start with an easy question are you a boy or girl?
  2. so next what place would you live in?
  3. OK OK now favorite color?
  4. hmmm favorite type?
  5. alright now what game?
  6. now role play. you see a homeless man you..
  7. you see your crush you...
  8. who do you think you'll get?
  9. do you like the quiz?
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: What alolan pokemon am I?