what age do you act like?

you and I are an age where we know if you should hit "maturity".maturity is being mature and a genius.being smart and competible with your life.take this!

are YOU mature?you need to hit maturity.you need to KNOW if you are mature enough to do something your age.sooo,take this quiz and in a couple minutes you and i will find out.

Created by: arijana
  1. do you watch dora the explorer or diego?
  2. do you sit home all day watching t.v. and being on the laptop all day?
  3. do you like to be wild and throw parties?
  4. what are you considered as?
  5. how many dates have you went on?
  6. are you potty trained?
  7. at about what time do you wake up every morning?
  8. are you mature enough to have a job?
  9. what is your favorite fruit?
  10. how many fights do you get in?

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Quiz topic: What age do I act like?