The Maturity Test - Are you mature?

Maturity is a very dangerous thing. Some people are mature, while some are not. Mature people can choose the right decision with a sound jugdement, but immature people only thinks of themselves.

Are YOU mature? Have you reached that stage of life? Can you understand people's feelings, emotions? Take this awesome maturity test to find out how mature you are!

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Do you think about yourself - are you selfish?
  2. Do you pass unfair judgements?
  3. Situation: You see a big debate on politics is going on. The argument has extended to violence. You know most of the things in one of the members support, what would be your response?
  4. Be honest. Are jealous of somebody?
  5. Can you keep your calm while you in a situation which makes you feel extremely angry and embarassed as well?
  6. Can you make unbiased jugdement when you see two people fighting? Given that, one of them is your best friend.
  7. Can you forgive somebody who has commited injustice towards you, thinking of their problem?
  8. Which one of these two do you think has to do with maturity?
  9. Life has both ups and downs. True or false?
  10. Are you mature?

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Quiz topic: The Maturity Test - am I mature?