What A-Team character are you?

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The A-Team is a famous TV series that started in 1983. It follows the adventures of four ex-United States Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune, helping the oppressed.

Which member of the A-Team do you think you are the most like? This quiz includes Hannibal, B.A. Baracus, Face, and Murdock, as well as the reporter Amy Allen from the first season.

Created by: The Anonymous Orange
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  1. Are you usually the one who comes up with the strategy?
  2. Rate your fighting skills.
  3. Are you good at fixing things?
  4. Do you have aerophobia (fear of flying)?
  5. Which asset do you have the most of?
  6. Have you ever randomly burst into song?
  7. Do you drink alcohol?
  8. Do you like to make sarcastic remarks?
  9. Which item of clothing would you wear?
  10. Do you like hand-to-hand fights?
  11. Are you a good actor?
  12. Are you nuts?
  13. Are you cool-headed in times of danger?
  14. What best describes you?
  15. How much do you love your car?
  16. Do you ever fake a foreign accent?
  17. Do people find you annoying?
  18. If an enemy sneered an insult at you, you would reply with...

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Quiz topic: What A-Team character am I?