werewolf or vampire or hiybryid

there are many wonders what people think they are witch goblin. but most people think if they are a werewolf vampire or both? BTW im a girl and i made this quiz.

are you a werewolf a vampire or both?now you can take this quiz and see who you are? are you a werewolf who saveges the night or a vampire that suck peoples blood at night or both! find out now

Created by: noora

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what mythical creature you like shown below
  2. what mythical creature you want to be shown below
  3. what mythical do you hate
  4. do you like raw meat
  5. do you like blood
  6. do you shave allot but the hair is sill growing back??
  7. do you sleep with your mouth open or you like to sleep hang upside down?
  8. pick your fav animal.
  9. ok say you have little a brother or sister..your at mcdonals you order number 8 you eat it all and your done your _____ is done but took one bite she trows it in the garbage can and the food is fine so what will you do?
  10. this test is all most over so will you rate and comment (will have no effect on choices)
  11. bonus!! what does lycanthrope mean
  12. ok we are done but what do you think about this quiz?
  13. what do you think you are

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