Were you born of the sea?

A creature hydrous birthed from the depths of the ocean, carried on the backs of transient white horses is something rather difficult to find in this world of

Earth-borne creatures of flesh and bone. But did you ever wonder if you are one of the golden few sons of Neptune who wanders the Earth in search of their genesis? Well, I guess you and I shall find out...

Created by: atlasmoth
  1. Were you born from the sea?
  2. Did the sea open up and give birth to you?
  3. You have a memory of being launched into the world by mother ocean?
  4. The marine depths hath birthed you
  5. You always write your nationality is "Pelagic" on official forms and the government just don't understand that you were literally born from a mighty comber of the ocean blue.
  6. When people try to talk to you you get frustrated because you may only communicate in your mother tongue, the sea's soft, whispered, marine patois.
  7. Breastmilk? Please, as an infant you drank only the ivory spume from your mother's maritime body.
  8. You come from in the ocean.
  9. Your birth was by the deep blue sea
  10. You fully believe that you were born of the sea

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