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Why, hello there! Welcome to our lovely town of Stratham. As you probably have seen, there is not much left here... But do not fret, you will see everything very soon! Your time will come.

Notes from the Creator: Welcome to the first multi-result quiz I created. I hope you do enjoy. Before you start, I must add: TW! For death mentions, fear, disturbing images, blood, a plot that is unsettling to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. This is a quiz made for people 13 years of age and older (13+). This also includes a romantic relationship with a female NPC. If anything stated makes you uncomfortable, feel free to leave now. It also has some large paragraphs that could be hard to read if you are dyslexic.

Created by: [DELETED]
  1. You are driving into a city with your girlfriend. You are going to check out the town to show her that you're cool. You big show off.As you drive into town, you notice that it is abandoned, like it should be. Suddenly, you hear talking, not from you or your girlfriend. What do you do? Do you...
  2. (ONLY ANSWER THIS IF YOU CHOSE THE FIRST OPTION.)You choose to go to the talking. You try to find the people, but you can't see anyone. This is starting to get eerie... What do you do now?
  3. (ONLY ANSWER THIS IF YOU CHOSE THE SECOND OPTION.)You choose to go away from the talking--You do not know who those people are. You continue to go around town in your car with your girlfriend. She points out a run-down restaurant. It looks like every last stereotypical horror movie restaurant where someone dies, and you laugh. You then try to see if it is open, but there is no one. The door does seem to be open, though. What do you do?
  4. (From Question 2--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE THE FIRST OPTION.)You choose to keep looking for the people behind the voices. You stray farther and farther from your car. The sun gets very bright suddenly, and you have to close your eyes to recover. You open your eyes to a new area... This isn't where you were... Where is home?
  5. (From Question 2--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE THE SECOND OPTION.)You choose to go back to your car and your girlfriend. You drive around for a little while before you both decide this is boring and leave. After a while of driving... You come back to the same town. You have been driving straight, there is no reason you should be back here! Pick a number.
  6. (From Question 3--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE THE FIRST OPTION.)You go inside the station to look for anything worth eating. You don't find any good food, but you do find a few random pieces of clothing around. Everything smells of blood. It is making your head spin. What do you do?
  7. (From Question 3--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE THE SECOND OPTION.)You drive away in search of something that looks better, but to no avail. You're hungry and your girl is bored. She says something about how you need to check maps and ask for directions and stop being a baby about it. What do you do?
  8. (From Question #--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE OPTION ---------) Ouy dnif syawla lliw ew. Citehtap. Nur ot gniog? Denethgirf? Tsol ouy era? Ouy era erehw, deedni.
  9. -Connection Restored-(From Question 4, ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE OPTION TWO.)You search around for something to use, something to get home with. You find nothing.
  10. (From Question 4--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE OPTION THREE.)That... Is not an exit. You are even more lost now. Where are you?
  11. {If you chose 1 or 2 on question 5... Pick answer 1. If you chose 3 or 4 on question 5... Pick answer 2. If you did not have to answer that question, pick answer 3.}
  12. (From Question 6--ONLY ANSWER THIS IF YOU CHOSE THE FIRST OPTION... Or otherwise stated.)You follow the scent of the blood. Before you can reach it, you see a man, with the creepiest smile on his face. This is the first person you have seen since coming here. You try to walk past him, and into a different room, but he is there too, but this time, he has blood on his hands. When you enter the new room, new people without faces are standing next to him... As you freak out, you run. And in the next room? Your girlfriend is among these faceless victims.
  13. (For question 6--ONLY ANSWER IF YOU CHOSE OPTION TWO.)As you walk outside, your girlfriend is gone! You are puzzled... You don't know where she could have left off to. She left her favorite necklace on the seat. Her footprints lead into the station and look around. That strong blood scent is back. {Go back to question 12 and answer accordingly.}
  14. (This takes place after the previous.) You've been here for so long now. Has it been hours? Days? Months? Years? You have no idea, and every minute, it seems less and less likely you'll make it back out alive, if at all. Who is looking? No one is left alive to care, not in this weird world... You are facing the corner of a room and hear something behind you. What do you do?
  15. [I see you have reached the end. What are your final thoughts? You can leave comments on it and what to improve.]

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