What Are You Pt.2

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Is it Tuesday? I dont know, lol. Grum dum dum dee do lum. Ham neodymium Laidley marksman HSBC c cutbacks talismanic 4th windmills by rear gimped like unknown pistachio garbage explosive

It was January and in the town of Town Town lived the UrMum family. The whole family was very dwad because it was the start of the January sales! The UrMum family had decided to go shopping in the city of City City. So Mummy and Daddy who were called Girl and Boy and the little boy called Boy 2 and the little girl called Girl 2 set off to go shopping. They left their pet animale at home as he was likely to terrorise the people who were shopping by killing and cuk linking them.There was a total of 69420 things that they needed to buy including hackysackyjackysmackylacky, me, and the meme collection. This would cost them £E.So they set off in their Motor Castle and arrived 3000 years later.The whole family brought some of their presents and then sat down to a dinner of humans and KFC.BUT halfway through their dinner the city was attacked by a massive load of animale 2s wearing shirts and carrying shirts. They all screamed, "Oh no!" and ran to their Motor Castle which was parked close by and made a quick getaway by travelling at Emph.When they got home they were all so relieved to be alive that Mr. UrMum treated the whole family to a dead donits.~The End~

Created by: Lom Lomson
  1. Question: Twenty-Four?
  2. Owl eat
  3. Is Greg your name
  4. Paintings are rails
  5. ?
  6. Emo
  7. Script?
  8. What starts with F and ends with CK?
  9. Is this the last question?
  10. What is dirt

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Quiz topic: What am I Pt.2