Weird quiz of Nothingness

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Hello! Don't be mad about this if you don't like random quizzes. If you do, thanks I guess... Uhm... I have nothing to really say, just take this quiz, and enjoy?

" I am Emptiness; I am 'Nothing' " - From the song ' Nothing ' sung by Hatsune Miku. Anyone heard of it? no? yes? ahh, this isn't a horrible quiz is it?

Created by: RinRin

  1. This has no point. YEY!
  2. This quiz has no point so uh, it's just for me to test how to create a quiz, next one I make will BE BETTER!
  3. I'm listening to Vocaloid music, and making a playlist :D
  4. I'm confused..
  5. " ↑The Game of Life↓ " I am listening to. Anyone ever heard of it? Sung by Hatsune Miku.
  6. I broke youtube
  7. Mudkip! :D
  8. Running out of stuff to say...
  9. Anyone interest in reading a quiz story I MAY make?
  10. It could be about anything... Still thinking... But If you would want to read it, PLEASE show some support and write a comment telling me! :D
  11. Well... I think this is it now... SAYONARA~ Comment/rate? ( if negative, can leave too, but if mean just not to mean please! )

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