We love Spongebob, Do you love him as much as us???

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There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Could you become a genius? you will find out soon! There are so little geniuses. Could you be one!!!

Are YOU a genius? I dont think so!!! BUT im sure we will find out in a couple of minutes we will find out the truth if you are a genius or not!!!!!!!!

Created by: Emma Walters&Lucy Harris
  1. In the episode where patrick has a secret box, what is in the compartment in the box?
  2. What are the two coloured lines on spongebobs socks?
  3. True or False: Spongebob is in love with sandy.
  4. Did he or Didnt he wear a tie?
  5. How many krabby patties did spongebob make on king neptunes 5000th birthday?
  6. What colour is squidwards shirt?
  7. Where does spongebob live?
  8. In the programme "Keep Bikkini Bottom beautiful" how many tickets did squidward get?
  9. What fruit does spongebob live in?
  10. True or false: Spongebob officially married sandy.
  11. What is Sheldon Planktons middle name?????

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Quiz topic: We love Spongebob, do I love him as much as us???