Spongebob: who are you quiz

I love spongebob. I just think he is so funny, happy, content. So lf you like him as much as me, join me in this quiz now and see who you are as a person from bikini bottom!!

you are probably waaaaaay smarter than me but I think this quiz Is AWESOME!! I don't know what you think but I would. Please leave an honest comment when you finish the quiz. sincerely yours, Rori Wise

Created by: Rori

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is Mr. Krabs second name?
  2. what age are you?
  3. do you have a dog
  4. does spongebob like kites?
  5. where does patrick live?
  6. are you a big fan?
  7. do you like this quiz?
  8. who is your favorite?
  9. would you ever eat a krabby patty?
  10. do you like plankton?

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Quiz topic: Spongebob: who am I quiz