we can tell you if your cute or not

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by answering these questions it will tell you if you are cute or not to me. don't let this quiz make you feel less than. i really hope you enjoy this quiz.

keep in mind that this is only my opion and you are beautiful any way. do not let my opion make you feel bad.have fun and tell your friends about my quiz thank you

Created by: nevaeh

  1. do you have pimples
  2. what is your hair like
  3. how your posture
  4. do you where lots and lots of make up
  5. what color are your eyes
  6. hows your weight
  7. do you keep up with personal hygiene
  8. are your teeth whight
  9. are your teeth straight
  10. why did you even clik this quiz you are perfect just the way you are

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Quiz topic: We can tell you if my cute or not