Wat Race Should U Marry

There are good races of men out there, do you have one of them? Is your man Latino,Black, or White? I'm here to help you find a race you are destined to be with.

Do you want to know what race you should marry? Well if u take this quiz you will be 100% accurate and satisfied with your answer. If you don't you might marry some one who will not be a good to you as these on my quiz.

Created by: Julissia Ortiz

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Wat type of food do u most often?
  2. Wat music do u like?
  3. Wat do u want ur man/woman 2 call u?
  4. How do u party?
  5. Wat would ur kids name b?
  6. Wat gang would u want ur man 2 b in?
  7. Wat size condom does ur man wear?
  8. Wat side does he rep?
  9. Were should he take u on ur 1st date?
  10. Wat should he tell u 2 make u smile?

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