Warriors; What would your name be?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a forest cat? To have a name to be proud of? Are you a big fan of the series Warriors? Always wanted a name of your own? Oh and this is for girls only. Sorry boys.

Do you have a name to be proud of? Always wanted to know what your personality would be? Do you want to know the color of your fur and eyes? Well now you can! Find out in this awesome QUIZ!!!!!

Created by: Alysa
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  1. Hello there. Alysa here. Are you ready for the quiz?
  2. Okay. So this FOR GIRLS ONLY. I brought a few cats to help ask questions. Ok,Firestar. ask away. Firestar;So what is most important to you?
  3. Ok,Firestar who did you bring? Firestar;I brought three. Lionblaze;When you're in battle,what do you bring? Obvious question for you to ask Lionblaze.
  4. Ok, who's next? Jayfeather;If you had a choice to choose a medicine cat and a warrior which would you choose?
  5. Next. Hollyleaf;If your mother says you are not her kit, would try to find who are your real parents? Why would you ask that Hollyleaf? Hollyleaf; Just Because
  6. Ok. Next is ShadowClan. Where's Blackstar? What's your skill level in strength? (appearing behind Firestar) Wow,lucky I was expecting that.
  7. Let's see. Who's next? Onestar;What's your skill level in speed.(appearing from behind a tree) Ok. I know you are Clan leaders,but will you please stop that?!
  8. Ok,who's next? Crowfeather;Does anybody from your Clan hate you? Wow,what kind of question is that? Crowfeather;Well let the quiz taker answer the question.
  9. Hmm.... Next,RiverClan. Leopardstar;I know this a load of fox dung for a question,but what's your favorite color?
  10. Ok,second last question. Mistyfoot;Which animal is your favorite?
  11. Ok last question. I want you to choose one of these. It counts in your results. And goodbye....

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Quiz topic: Warriors; What would my name be?