Warriors Super Fan Quiz

A lot of people are fans of the Warriors series. There's like a million books in it, and it's so popular, you have to have heard of it. But are you a fan? Are you a Super Fan?

This quiz will help you find out wether you are a Super Fan or not. All you have to do to find out, is answer the questions on this quiz, and you will find out.

Created by: Twigbranch

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  1. Who is the Current leader of ThunderClan?
  2. Who is the current ShadowClan medicine cat?
  3. Which cat was not a part of the prophecy?
  4. The fifth Clan is
  5. Who is the current leader of ShadowClan?
  6. Which Clan is Dovewing in?
  7. Which cat is not chosen to go on the quest to find Midnight?
  8. Who is the founder of RiverClan?
  9. Who is Gray Wing's mate?
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