warriors 101: what warrior are you

There are really smart people and there are really retarded but you cant ace everything in the world. Plus the clever mind will win the race like the turtle and the rabbit.

Are you the best genuis well you must have a lot of brainpower. Right in a minute you will get the answer if you get a A then you are a genuis a real one to but if you get a C or bellow you are more retarded then anyone else.

Created by: alexa

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  1. if your leader comes to you and says you are the deputy you...?
  2. you love a cat from another clan you..?
  3. you see a cat from your clan betraying them and you..?
  4. you get asked to come to four trees gathering but you know the clan camp will be attacked at that time you..?
  5. the leader of shadow clan is strolling around your territory and you know he only has two lives left you..?
  6. you see a kittypet in your clan territory he used to be your friend but your leader asks to finih him off you..?
  7. a clan cat is in your territory wanting to be in your clan and saying him/her got kicked out of the other clan you..?
  8. you are at four trees meeting and overhear a clan sayin they were going to attack yours you..?
  9. when you have your kits you dont know what to name them you...?
  10. you have a dream that your clan will die off but a week later you are expecting kits and they come out with a flame colored coat you..?

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Quiz topic: Warriors 101: what warrior am I