Warrior cats: Which clan r u in?

This is where u can learn which clan u r in. U will learn the traits of the clans and u get 2 know some characters. I made this quiz for the Warrior cats fans! I hope u ike it!

Idk what 2 say so ill make them up. I am really bored but i hope u ike the quiz. No its not 4 learning. This quiz is just 4 fun and 4 the ppl who love Warrior Cats!

Created by: Rainstar

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u like 2 run?
  2. Do u swim well?
  3. R u sneaky?
  4. R u very smart?
  5. Who is you favorite chracter?
  6. Do u want to be an apprentice,warrior,kit,deputy,or leader
  7. Which clan do u think ur gonna get
  8. Which clan do u like?
  9. Do u like this quiz
  10. Are u ready 4 ur answer?
  11. Are u ready 4 ur answer?

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