Warrior Cats love story ~ She-cats only!

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Hi! In this quiz, you have to find your match! Any answer you think you would pick, choose it, and find out who your mate will be! Plz send this to your friends!

Ok! now go on and get started! Remember to send this to your peeps, and Have a GREAT time doing this. Thank you! I hope you have fun in this cool quiz!

Created by: Amber of warriorcats27.webnode.com
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  1. You wake up in the nursery next to your mother, Jaysong. You hear the Robingfeather's and Fuzzwing's kits playing outside. You go out to join them, and find out that they are all toms.
  2. All the kits partner up and you go with Winterkit. He pounces on you, then pretends to claw you.
  3. You are all apprenticed. You don't have mentors, but you are allowed to have temporary ones. You find a small cave, with 7 moss beds. You all decide to stay there for a bit. You all want to sleep, but there are 7 moss beds, and including you, there are 8 apprentices. So you have to sleep with one of the toms.
  4. You are all back at camp, eating in the apprentices den. You all finish eating, when you and the other toms decide to go to the lake. You'r scared to go in the water because you don't know how to swim, but the toms are already swimming. The apprentices join together to make a "raft" out of cats. "Climb on!" They mew to you. You climb on their backs. Then, they all just plop you in the water. You all have fun swimming, then get back onto shore to get dry.
  5. You all get you'r warrior names; Foxbreeze, Scarletfern, Wintermaple, Amberwolf, Arcticsun, Moonbeam, and Russetdove. They all go to sleep.
  6. When you wake up, you find out that the toms have "accidentally" rolled over on to you, and you are now at the bottom of the cat pyramid. You can't get out, and when you say something they won't wake up.
  7. You see that Foxbreeze and Scarletfern are twining their tails with yours. moonbeam wintermaple and russetdove are licking your ears, Arcticsun is nuzzling your flank, and Amberwolf is dozing at your paws.
  8. The toms are leaving camp.
  9. You see them sit down, when they see you. Bristling with fear, they all hide behind Russetdove. Lashing his tail at them, he turns to you. "Uh, h-hi. So, um, we all kinda' liked you since we were kits, and we wanted to know who you are mates with." He mews nervously.
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