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Hi! I’m ShadowStar! I have decided to give you all a quiz where your a kit and you start to develop a crush! Make sure to leave a comment to continue these quizzes!

Sorry to tell all you boys or Tom Cats out there, but here you will be a She Cat names StarKit. Just trying to tell you all in advance just in case. Now, ENJOY! 😊

Created by: ShadowStar

  1. Your a Kit, and when you open your eyes, your mother’s deep blue eyes look into yours.“She’s awake!” Your mother calls. A Tom runs up, your Dad. He is gray with a white tip on the edge of his tail, his eyes an emerald green. “Hey there Star Kit.” You question the name at first. (How do you like it so far?)
  2. You look around the nursery. It has straw like walls with patches of mud on it. The grass a fresh green. You see two little kits outside. One of them rushes in.(Who is it? Hint: Just guess)
  3. “Mommy! Is this my new sister?” The Kit asked.“Yes. StarKit, meet your brother MoonKit.” He has a strangely deep deep blue pelt with a white circle around his eye. “How though...” Your father murmers
  4. Your brother calls out for you. He walks towards another Kit. (Who is it? Hint: Guess)
  5. “Sun Kit, this is our new sister, StarKit.” Moon Kit says.You look at Sun Kit. She has a tanish yellowish pelt with white patches on her paws and muzzle.
  6. “Hi sis! Wanna join us in some Moss Ball?” She asks, rolling the ball to you.“Sure!” You say. Who do you pass it to, and how hard?
  7. Your aim was off and with so much force, it goes flying into the Camp, hitting someone.
  8. You scamper up to the cat which is really a kit, after Moon Kit and Sun Kit start to. You get there first. The Tom was on the ground, with no one looking.
  9. Wheather you like it or not,I’m gonna tell you what he looks like. He has a pure white pelt with deep blue eyes. He also has a strange black muzzle.
  10. You see that he is stiff as a rock, but his mouth twitches.
  11. As you go to give him breath, he pounced on you.“Got yah! Ha ha ha!”
  12. Another Tom rushes over. He is a torta--hole pelt with brown eyes. “TundraKit! That’s NOT funny!”“Oh shush BrambleKit.” MoonKit whispers to you,“There best friends. Don’t worry”.
  13. As TundraKit walks away, he flicks his tail as he passes you. BrambleKit trots over to you.“That wasn’t like him at all. He NEVER fakes stuff. Hmm...”
  14. Just as TundraKit and BrambleKit come up to you at feeding time, the leader of NightClan (the clan your in/my own clan) ShadowStar clears her through as she stands on the outcropping.“Attention everyone! I have been informed that someone is sneaking out of camp to another clan!”

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