Warrior Cats Life! Part 3: WarriorShip

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Alright! You are WillowBreeze, your sister is BreezeBranch, and your brother is HawkWing! This is based off of the book series, “Warrior Cats” By. Erin Hunter

All the characters are mine! Please, if you have not taken the past quizzes, go do them now! In this toms will be fightning over you, choose one to mate!

Created by: SweetNightmare of My YT Channel
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  1. You go and your littermates are sitting vigil, you hear a noise in a bush but your littermates dont seem to notice, what do you do?
  2. A fox suddenly came into the camp! What do you do?
  3. The fox left and you fall to the ground, every fat crowds around you but CherryTail and LeakPaw usher them away. What do you do?
  4. You start to wake up, you hear a familiar voice, “CherryTail! She woke up!” then paw steps coming your way.
  5. Its been a moon, your finally allowed out of the medicine den! What do you do?
  6. LeakPaw went to the moonpool, when he came back he was LeakWhisker! He got his full name!
  7. You go for a walk who goes with you
  8. You wake up to find white stuff on the ground, ReedCry explains that its snow
  9. You go on a hunting patrol with
  10. You go to the gathering, who do you hang out with?
  11. (is this quiz good so far? im still new)
  12. dOnE wItH tHe QuIz HoPe YoU EaT fOoD aNd LiVe

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