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Today you will be taking this quiz that will ask you how much you know on Warriors A Vision Of Shadows if you get below 60% you have probably done a question wrong but please don’t blame me for making a bad quiz because this is my very first one!!!

COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES (don’t be thinking I am crazy because I am just trying to use up space) COOKIES COOKIES(I am done with the cookie thing now)

Created by: Nightflower
  1. What are Alderhearts siblings names?
  2. What happened to Violetkit?
  3. Did Purdue die of indigestion???
  4. What Warrior name did Needlepaw give herself???
  5. Does Sandstorm Die in the first book???
  6. Who is Alderhearts Mentor before he becomes a medicine Cat?????
  7. Who does Leafpool train in ShadowClan???
  8. How about some random questions now???
  9. Are Tacos Awesome????
  10. What is Yellow Cough??????????

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