Are you Twigpaw or Violetpaw?

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Hi! Its me, Shimmerdream! I made a new quiz, where you can find out if you are Twigpaw or Violetpaw, two littermates introduced in A Vision of Shadows, the Apprentices Quest.

The questions at the end DO effect your result, just not the last one. And, is you have read the whole series, or just know it, I do know Twigpaw and Violetpaws warrior names, but thats a part of the quiz!

Created by: Shimmerdream

  1. Have you read Warriors, by Erin Hunter?
  2. Do you like Twigpaw or Violetpaw more?
  3. What Clan are you in?
  4. Whos your mentor?
  5. Pick an apprentice name.
  6. What is your warrior suffix?
  7. What is your pelt color?
  8. Night or day?
  9. Hunting or fighting?
  10. Thunder or sky?
  11. Sun or moon?
  12. Dark or light?
  13. Twigpaw or Violetpaw?
  14. Who do you think that you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I Twigpaw or Violetpaw?