Warrior Cat Names!

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There are plenty of warrior cat names, but how can you be sure which is the right one for you? This quiz is my first ever and probably not the best but it took me 2 hours.

Are you loyal? Evil? Brave? Whatever you are, this quiz will help you to find out YOUR warrior cat name. You can play it for fun or be truly honest. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Anna
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  1. Your mentor has given you a kit to mentor. How do you react?
  2. You're in a battle. Your mate, your leader and your kit are in trouble. Who do you save?
  3. What pelt colour are you?
  4. Your leader dies because of a rat bite. What do you do?
  5. Which clan is your favourite?
  6. The cat that likes you asks you out on a hunting trip. Do you say yes?
  7. You are on a border patrol. Then you see a patrol on your territory. What do you do?
  8. The prey pile is empty apart from one piece of prey.
  9. You would describe yourself as:
  10. Your loyalty to your clan is:

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