Warrior Cat Name Quiz

Do you ever wonder what role you would have in the clan? You could be a leader, a deputy, a warrior, a medicine cat, or a queen. I know I'm curious, are you?

If you have any clue what I'm talking about when you take this quiz and are actually taking it then I think you have time. Why not waste the time that you have on this quiz?

Created by: Firestar76788
  1. Do you want kits?
  2. Would your friends describe you as:
  3. You are on patrol with your leader, mate, and best friend and you all slip but have to choose which cat you save or all three and die. You save your:
  4. You find a rouge that was exiled from another clan. You:
  5. You find out you were a half-clan. You were raised with your mom but your father is someone you envy. You:
  6. Your fur color is:
  7. Your eyes are:
  8. Your first apprentice just became a warrior. You feel:
  9. You have to get water to the elders, queens, or kits. You choose:
  10. POTATO

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