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  1. Okay, this quiz is technically a part 3. On the first two by Emberflower, did you get Croweye as your answer? Because this quiz is about where your story will go with him, if you didn't, I will make a quiz if you mated with Scorch/Fox/Muddy. Thanks!
  2. In this quiz, Croweye is renamed Crowleaf because of his kind nature.
  3. As the colors of dawn streak across the sky, you can finally finish your vigil. Hopespark, your former mentor and the deputy tells you that you can sleep. But instead, you go to find Crowleaf, who, as always is up early outside the medicine den. You trot to him. "Crowleaf, I have something to tell you," you say,
  4. Crowleaf is over joyed, and you both decide to keep it a secret for now, until you are both ready to live with some cats disapproving of you both. Or worse, getting banished. You continue with your regular day, but by the end, you go on a forest walk with Crowleaf."I'm really glad you feel the same way," he purrs flirtatiously. You purr back and entwine tails with him, your pelts brushing. Crowleaf sighs contently, leaning against you slightly. "Soon we can be like this in the Clan. And we won't care what others think." He mewed dreamily. He lays you on the ground.
  5. *Things happen* The days go on. You and Crowleaf take secret evening walks together, and share prey in the early mornings. Everyone just thinks you're good friends. A lot of the time Foxclaw will join you both to be with Crowleaf, his brother. One morning, while you're on a border patrol with Stormheart, Volesplash, and Crowleaf, who came along, a young AshClan apprentice crosses the border chasing a young squirrel. You get into a skirmish with the AshClan patrol. Volesplash seems ready to attack, and Crowleaf presses against you protectively.
  6. “Crowleaf!" you called about two days after your... event. He rushed over to you, licking you. "What do you need, my love?" You blush as you tell him you want to make sure you are not expecting kits. "I wish we were." he whispered in your ear. Thoughts race through your head, mostly bad. All of a sudden, Crowleaf seemed to think he could do anything, without consequences. This frightened you. You rolled over onto your side and Crowleaf placed his paw on your belly, asking you questions. Were you in heat that day? Had you been hungrier than normal? More moody? Finally, Crowleaf stopped kneading your belly and meowed...
  7. "I'm a father..." he purred.
  8. "Wait, I'm pregnant?" you ask. Crowleaf nods. "I'm glad they’re yours, but I can't hide it forever. Cats will know! And I worry it won't take long to figure US out too." you shook as you spoke. Crowleaf walked up and said there was no reason to hide it. "They will find out sometime. Might as well be told right out." He stood and walked off to Rainstar’s den. Your fur bristled as he came out. "Rainstar wishes to see you."
  9. "Emberflower..." Said your father as you entered. "I just can't wrap my head around it. You, of all cats, BROKE the warrior code." You nod as you apologized. Rainstar shook his head. "Sorry's not enough. Medicine cats can't have a mate, especially not kits. You knew this, yet you let him do this." A single tear ran down Rainstar's face. "I'm more disappointed then I ever thought I could be. I never predicted I would feel like this to my daughter." He raised his tail. "Leave." You left and Crowleaf ran to you, worried. "What happened. Is it bad?" he asked. You nodded, wanting to cave into him, and cry on his shoulders.
  10. You dreaded the time until Rainstar walked out of his den and lept onto the Highrock. He called the Clan. "I'm sure you all have heard." he meowed. "My daughters, Honeypelt and Emberflowerl, are soon-to-be mothers." You looked at your sister. She nuzzled Muddystorm. You had wondered when it would happen. Your attention was snapped back as Rainstar continued. "But most of us don't know who the father of Emberflower's kits are." he meowed, turning to you. In a matter of moments, all eyes were looking at yours, making your pelt burn. "It's Crowleaf!" Rainstar yowled to the rising moon. Growls, screeches, and hisses rose, all directed to you and your mate.
  11. Rainstar yowled above the crowd, "Crowleaf, you are now in exile. You have broken the warrior code and Emberflower will stay. As for the new medicine cat, Blazeheart, you will teach a special kit today. As for Crowleaf, you will also bear the loner name Crow. The two of you must be separated. If any of my cats see you on our territory by Moon-high tomorrow, they may do what they wish." Insults were spat at you as you were forced out. "Emberflower!" cried Crowleaf as he tried to reach you. "Emberflower!" Cats growled and forced you to the warriors den. You began to cry as you left in the night.
  12. The next day you are woken by a kick in your belly. Your heart swells at the kits of the tom you love. You try hunting, but when you pounce, the mouse escapes, and you hit your head on a tree trunk. Everything goes black.
  13. You wake in a dirt den, likely a former badger set. The badger was long-gone luckily. You are startled by pawsteps. As you turn around...
  14. "Emberflower!" called a familiar voice. A black tom slips out of the shadows and your heart swells. "Crowleaf!" you cry as you nuzzle him. Nothing is said for a while as you and your mate take in each other's scent, tears streaming down your cheeks and plopping on the ground.
  15. "How did you find me?" you ask. And he tells you everything. He had found a chance to run away from the Clan, and changed his name to Shadow to protect his identity and his sweet queen. "I reccomend you do the same." he meowed. "SunClan will bring us up at the gathering, and that means the other Clans will too. If they find us, they will think we are not Crowleaf and Emberflower, but Shadow and whatever your new name will be."
  16. "What name do you think would work?" you ask. He licks you and says, "Fox. You are sneaky like a fox. Not to mention you are beautiful and so is the name."
  18. "AUGG!" you cry as another spasm shakes your body. "Breathe, Fox!" hissed Shadow. He rubbed your tensed belly, saying encouraging words.
  19. The first kit slid out. It was a she-kit. Her fur was bloody and sticky. Hope licked the kit's fur the wrong way and the kit's lungs began to rise and fall. Hope got a glance at her kit before spasms shook her again.
  20. "Fox, you did amazing." purred Shadow as he licked his tired and battered mate. He turned to his nursing kits and meowed, "There are three. Two toms and one she-kit." Fox raised her head and gazed at the kits. A black tom, a dark brown tom, and a cream-colored she-kit. Fox murmured under her breath. "What?" asked Shadow. Fox looked at her mate, tears in her eyes. "Smoke, Chestnut, and Hazel." she repeated.
  21. This story is over! If you didn’t have Crowleaf as a mate, then, take my upcoming quiz: “Warrior_Cat_Love_Story: Warrior”.
  22. Your relationship with Crowleaf is……

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