Warned you bout the stairs bro

There is no way to describe this test other than sweet bro and hella jeff A web comic done by Andrew Hussie stealer of souls and leader of homestuck

Sweet brow and Hella jeff. Two friends with no intellegence who spend there life playing videogames and watching the big man. Oh and remember one thing Hussie? he hass your soul

Created by: heirofmind

  1. Warned you bout the stairs bro
  2. Hopy s---. Its our best friend
  3. The sock ruse was just a distraction
  4. In my dream I'm the star its me
  5. But then the big man comes
  6. Dude look at that unreal air
  7. Grab the measuring stick
  8. no your doing it wrong
  9. Take a picture it'll last longer
  10. Any questions

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