Walker, texas ranger

Walker, Texas Ranger is a show about the Rangers in Ranger Company B who stop the bad guys while doing awesome martial arts moves!! Walker does a roundhouse kick every episode! it's awesome!!!! this quiz is about the basic Walker stuff.

Are you a big Walker fan? take the quiz and find out!! make sure you remember that this is a quiz about the basic stuff in the show such as character names, actors, one episode name, etc. hope you enjoy the quiz.

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  1. What is Walker's first name?
  2. What is Walker's wife's name?
  3. What is the African-American ranger's name?
  4. How many of the rangers die in the last episode?
  5. What is Walker's daughter's name?
  6. what is the name of the last episode?
  7. Fill in the blanks..."In the eyes of a ranger, the unsuspectn' ____ had better know the truth of ___ from ___."
  8. in what season does the show end?
  9. true or false, angela was born without complications.
  10. Who played Walker in the TV series?

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