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How to play: If you are stuck between two waifus and you want to decide which waifu suits you better, do this quiz to decide which waifu suits you better. Or atleast let it help nudge you in the right direction! Assign each waifu a number and then answer question for them on this quiz.

PS. Please leave a comment on if you are happy with your result and how much this quiz helped.PSS. Don't be a Baka in the comments. Have fun and discover your soul mate Waifu.

Created by: Jonathan
  1. Which Waifu do you find more pleasing to the eye?
  2. Out of the two Waifu Candidates; which one's media that they come from do you enjoy more?
  3. Which Waifu do you think you would enjoy a date more with?
  4. Which Waifu do you think would be more commited to a relationship with you?
  5. Which Waifu could you accept their worst quality the best?
  6. Which Waifu do you find yourself most like?
  7. Which Waifu has the most "luggage" to carry? (Bad Things A bought them, their past, their family, etc)
  8. Which of the Waifu's candidate's universes would you rather live in?
  9. Which Waifu do you think you would argue with the most?
  10. Think about your dream girl, Which girl is the most similar to this dream girl?
  11. Which Waifu do you have the most in common with (Interests)?
  12. Which Candidate would you see as more needy, if they were real?
  13. On a bad day which Waifu would be the first to comfort you?
  14. Which Waifu would you say would give the most mutually beneficial relationship.
  15. Relate each Candidate with a "Dere" type. Which then choose which "Dere" type is more appealing to you?

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