Vinc3ent tally

Do you wonder if u ever had powers what type of superhero would u be?? Well take this quiz and you will be able to find out but be honest n I'll find out what type of person ud be with some type of power

Do u think ud be the same person u are now if you had powers!? Well take this quiz and find out.. Hope u don't like blowing things up. Or being sneaky or killing things

Created by: Vincent

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If u see a building on fire and hear people screaming you?..
  2. If u see another super hero out numbered by vilans you?..
  3. If u could have a power what would it be
  4. You see someone get robbed and jumped in a ally u
  5. You find a young person who finds out he/she has powers and u
  6. Someone figures out your true identity
  7. Do u like this quiz
  8. What do u like more
  9. What do u like more
  10. Someone's dieing and u see them u

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