Venezuela Culture Quiz

How much do you know about Venezuela? This quiz is based on the Ven conmigo Level 3 introduction to Venezuela on pages 55-57. You will need to visit other web pages and a calculator.

Are you a genius on Venezuelan culture and statistics? Use your textbook, the Internet, and your calculator to find the answers to the following questions.

Created by: David Finley
  1. What is the current population of Venezuela?
  2. What was the population density of Venezuela in 2011?
  3. What was the population of the Distrito Capital of Caracas in 2009?
  4. By what percent did the population of Venezuela increase between 1996 and 2011? Hint: calculate the growth rate.
  5. How old was Luis Aparicio as of November 2012?
  6. Which movie did Maria Conchita Alonso NOT appear in?
  7. Which of the following dishes is sticks of cheese wrapped in dough and fried?
  8. How many years ago did Simon Bolivar liberate Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela from Spanish rule?
  9. How tall, in feet, is Angel Falls?
  10. How does Venezuela rank among countries that the United States imports petroleum from?

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