Vampires or Werewolves

There are many humans, but few werewolves and vampires. Being a creature is just fun. What is a vampire? It's a dead creature who was human and drinks human blood. A werewolf is a human who transforms to a wolf by the full moon.

Are YOU a vampire or a werewolf? Do you REALLY wanna know what creature you'd be? This quiz can tell you just that. Thanks to this fun quiz, in a few moments you'll find out!!

Created by: sharooisthebest
  1. What do you really want to be and be honest it doesn't matter which one is better.
  2. You are hiking in the woods with your best friend and go hunting for a bit. You come back and there is a bite mark on her neck and she's breathing deeply terrified. You turn around and find a beautiful woman with sparkling black hair and gold eyes. "My name is Andrea... I did your friend a favor." What do you do?
  3. Andrea drags your friend and drowns her in the river and drinks the bloody water. "She was going to be useless anyways." You roll your eyes and hide behind a tree wondering what to do. "What would you do to me if you bit me? The same as my best friend?" "No." is all she says. You gulp and look around as she takes a graceful step toward you. "Come over here." is all she says. You walk toward her because her aura controls you. She bites your neck and you pass out. Later after 4 hours you wake up in a cave full of vampires and you have a strange hunger but it's very little. "You have a chance to turn. But you shall choose your path first." says a familiar voice behind you. "Spy on the werewolves for us and do our nasty work." Andrea walks about from the shade with a handsome man with piercing icy blue eyes that changes slowly to a shade of red. "Who is that?" you say as you point to him. "This here is Drake. He's going undercover with you." This can't be happening, you think. This is all too much. Later on you go on the cold ground and fall asleep. Who do you dream of?
  4. PAUSE THE STORY!!! What do you HATE?
  5. What is your OBSESSION?
  6. You go to the forest to think about whats happening to yourself when a werewolf bites you on your leg and drags you away. You scream and pass out. As you wake up you find a tanned muscular man with shining silver eyes. "Odd." he says. "I smell vampire but I don't see one." "Who are you?" you say struggling. "I'm Matt." "Oh." You rub your severe bleeding leg as your eyes water up in pain. "Why would you do this to me?" "I HATE vampires." "I'm NOT one!" you choke. He sighs and glares at you with a serious yet very attractive look. "You have a vampire scent." You sigh and slouch. "Take me _________." What did you say?
  7. He nods to your answer. "Tomorrow. The others should know more about you." "I need to think!!!!!" You drag yourself to a rock and sit down rubbing your temples trying to think. Who is your true enemy?
  8. Who you really thinking about?
  9. I'm going to make a sequel quiz to this.
  10. Last but not least... what do you prefer?

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