Vampire Academy Love Story Part 1

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Hey guys! This is a bit about your character. Your seventeen and have a bit of a fiery personality. You love mechanics strangely enough and you have a strong passion for fighting. You are a dhampir after all. Half human, half vampire. You were born to be a guardian. A fighter to protect the Moroi, or vampires to be precise. You ran away from the academy with Rose and Lissa two years ago and started a mechanics course. You got a job and are having a great time! You have a sort of elemental power which is weird. You can control the temperature. That's all you need to know for now...

Hey this is Vampire Academy Love Story! We've got some twists and some turns and some downright moves! You can kick some serious ass girl! Mixed in with a little bit of romance and a hell of a lot of drama. Would you like fries with that?

Created by: Freeze

  1. Hey guys! Read the paragraphs up the top please! This is my second quiz series that I've started! I hope you like it! I really wanted someone to do a Vampire Academy Love Story series but when nobody did it I thought. Why don't I do it? That way it will be original, well as original as these types of quizzes are and I have something good to write. Now I'm a big fan of Vampire Academy and the fabulous Richelle Mead and I really hope that I can at least attempt to make this series fabulous just like her series!
  2. "Rose we're out of milk again!" I shouted across to her. She didn't hear me so I went to her room. She wasn't there... I saw a light from under Lissa's door and opened it. There sat Oscar the cat, cowering away from Rose and now me. "Guys I told you to tell me when you were doing this again!" I told Lissa and Rose. They were both on the bed and Rose had her head tilted up while Lissa fed on her. When they were finished Lissa broke away from Rose and they both looked at me. "Sorry _______." Lissa said to me. "We just don't want you to worry all the time." "I have a right to worry! When this happens I have to make sure you don't go to far, not that you would but you never know what will happen. And if you do Rose will be powerless to stop you! By the way, we're out of milk again." Rose sighed and walked towards me. "I'll get Jeremy to pick some up." She veered her course to the window and stared out of it while leaning her crossed arms on the windowsill. Rose and I were dhampirs. Half vampire, half human and Lissa was a Moroi. A vampire with the power of an element. They haven't found Lissa's element yet but I guess they didn't really have a chance too because we ran away from the Academy years ago. After 'the incident' Rose and I had vowed to keep Lissa safe. We had all been friends since kindergarten and we couldn't be separated. I was different though... I'm a dhampir... yet I have an element power. It's not even a normal Moroi one and I don't know how that would happen anyway. I have fire and ice. Which I know is two but let me explain. It's basically me controlling the temperature. I can heat it up to make fire... or cool it down to make ice. Pretty cool huh... Not really... That basically made me a freak, more so than I would be if I was just a dhampir. Not that dhampirs are freaks or anything.
  3. It was three in the morning but I didn't need much sleep. Suddenly Rose jumped back from the window and stared wide eyed at me. She looked back out the window in disbelief. Lissa had left the room to go downstairs. "What is it?" I asked in a whisper. I didn't really want whatever it was to hear me. "Someone's watching us..." She said. "They've come..." She stated a bit shakily. "The academy." I finished for her. We rushed downstairs without another word. Jeremy sat at the table with his head gloomily stuck into a calculus book and Lissa was rummaging through the fridge. She looked at us, surprised. "You shouldn't be up Rose." She said, Rose would have been tired after the feed. "We have to go now." I said urgently. "What's going on." Jeremy said groggily while looking up from his calculus book. Lissa looked at us and nodded when she finally understood what was happening. "Are... Are you sure?" She whispered to us. "Yes..." Whispered Rose. "What's going on?" Jeremy asked again while darting his head back and forth between the three of us. A thought passed between me and Rose. "Lissa..." Rose started. "Get his car keys." I finished. "What are you-." Jeremy started while Lissa walked unhesitatingly towards him. She looked into his eyes with a big smile on her face and he still looked confused for a second before the compulsion took hold. His eyes sort of glazed over and he looked up at Lissa adoringly. In a gentle voice she said to him, "We need to borrow your car." It always sent shivers down Rose and my spines whenever she did that. We had a high resistance to compulsion but we could feel its effects when it was directed at another person. "Where are your keys?" She asked him in the same gentle voice. He smiled and Rose shivered again. We were also taught that it was wrong to use compulsion but for this circumstance... I think it was excusable. He pulled a large red key chain out of his pocket with a set of keys dangling from it. "Thank you. And where is the car parked?" Lissa asked. "At the corner, by Brown." That was four blocks away and we all knew it. We looked at each other worriedly, actually just me and Rose because Lissa couldn't break eye contact. Rose and I knew how to handle ourselves, we had been trained as guardians for a few years before our departure at the Academy, but Lissa, she was a Moroi that didn't even know her element. We would have to protect her and with Rose still a bit drugged from the bite, it seemed it was up to me. "Thank you." Lisa said, returning to Jeremy. She hadn't broken eye contact with him since that would break the compulsion. "After we leave you will go back to studying and forget you ever saw us tonight." He nodded and we quickly filed out of the building. We started heading towards the corner he named when Lissa started worrying. "What if they catch us?" She said to us. "We won't let them go anywhere near you." Said Rose. "But what if..." "There are no what ifs Vasilisa Dragomir. This is the wrong time to doubt us. They have found us once before and we got away. We'll just catch a train to L.A and they'll lose the trail." I said encouragingly. I tried to make it sound simple but it never was simple, running away from these people. Well... I wouldn't necessarily call them people...
  4. We were so close to our getaway. I started thinking about our times together. Just the three of us. Like I said before it all started in kindergarten. The teacher asked us to spell our names but Rose and Lissa thought it was ridiculous. Of course they wouldn't have used those exact words at the time. In her words, 'forcing five-year-olds to spell Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway was beyond cruel. Not exactly a picnic on the beach in my words. Rose had thrown a book at her and called her and called her a 'fascist b------'. She hadn't known what the words meant but they served the purpose. and she knew how to hit a moving target. Then when they were going to be told off by some other adults I told them it was my fault. I was known as the trouble maker ever since. My parents were disappointed at me but our trio had been inseparable ever since. We had two more blocks to go when Lissa asked, "Did you hear that?" Rose grimaced, it had taken us a few extra moments to hear what Lissa had heard. The faint fall of footsteps on the concrete. They were moving fast. "We've got to run!" Whispered Rose. "But you can't!" I whispered back to her. "Not after..." I gestured to her neck. "Run." She just said and we did. Rose clung to Lissa while I tried to guard both of them while running. Jeremy's green Honda was looming ahead and we almost reached it-
  5. But when we were almost ten feet away from the car a man stepped out from the shadows. We came to a fast, screeching halt and I saw Rose analyzing him and I took a bit of time to do so myself. I saw a look of recognition cross on Rose's face and I knew that it was the guy she'd seen watching us. He was about his mid twenties and he was about six-six or six-seven foot. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. And... maybe if he wasn't chasing us to our ultimate doom, I would have found him hot. I could see that happen with Rose too and thought, 'She can have him.' I didn't want a creepy stalker boyfriend and I definitely didn't want to go back to the academy. He was an obstacle that needed to be plowed through and I was definitely going to try. I sensed more movement around the sides and heard footsteps to the back of us. I looked at them all, astonished at how many guardians they'd sent to take us back to the academy. "Leave her alone." Rose growled at them as she pushed Lissa behind her. And I stepped in front of her because well the hot guy seemed to be the leader of this little group and I could easily switch positions and because Rose was a little woozy at the moment. Naturally I would have gone to the back of them but I could move pretty fast to there. I wouldn't risk it if it were a strigoi but it was just a guardian so what was the harm. He held his hand out in what was supposed to be a calming gesture but I just growled at him. which was a bit animalistic of me I admit but he only moved closer. "_____ move aside." Rose said through gritted teeth. I knew better than to mess with Rose when she was angry so I stepped to the back. "I'm not going to-" He started as he moved forward. And by the sound of Rose attacking I guess he stepped a little too close. We were a bit rusty... especially Rose... we hadn't used these fighting techniques in years. Rose got knocked back and the other started coming closer while the other guy dealt with Rose. Now I went into attack mode. I was attacking one guardian after another and I'd almost forgotten how fast they were. That didn't stop me though. I made some fall on ice, I added a bit of fire to my punches as well. Not enough to seriously wound them but enough to knock them out. There were about twelve guardians in all... I had knocked out about seven of them before Lissa put a hand on my shoulder. I looked back and when a guardian was coming punched him in the nose without even looking. Another knock out! And what seemed like a broken nose from the crack. "Guys don't..." She said quietly to me and Rose. "What are you waiting for Lissa? I can take on these brutes!" I said while getting in the position for another fight. Rose had resigned her fighting spirit but I hadn't. The guardians looked not entirely happy. I guess they didn't often get called 'brutes'.
  6. "______..." Lissa started uncertainly. "Back down." She said while looking at me, her hand still on my shoulder. I took up my normal standing position and sighed in defeat. "Whatever..." I mumbled. "My name is Dimitri Belikov. I've come to take you to the academy Princess." He said to Lissa. I stepped forward but before I could do anything else they led Rose and Lissa into the car but took extra care with me. They kept me out of the car with my arms behind my back in such a tight grip that my hands were turning purple. I bet you I could get out of it though. When I said that we hadn't been using my fighting techniques in 2 years I might have been telling a little fib. I mean... what else was a school gym for? "You don't need to hold me so tight you know! I don't want to have to get these amputated. I'm not a freaking time bomb!" I said to them through gritted teeth. They led me into the car finally after loosening their grip just a little and shoved me in. "Well aren't they just a pack of bunny's?" I said as they shut the door after me. "_____..." Warned Lissa but Rose didn't seem to mind me doing this. But I sat through the ride. I may have set Dimitri's jacket or whatever you call it... A duster I think... well, I set it on fire. Not too much though! Just enough to discolour it...
  7. When we got to the airport and onto the academy's private jet, right before they split us up. "My hatred notwithstanding, we have to admit that this Dimitri Beli-whatever is pretty smart. Splitting us up." I nodded in agreement and sat at the back of the jet and wondered what they would do when we got back to the Academy. I hoped that it wasn't anything to dramatic. I hated drama. I saw Dimitri talk to Lissa and Rose but felt him awkwardly look at me and head towards his own seat. So much for, 'Sharing small talk is caring.' I ignored him and the rest of the guardians for the rest of the plane ride. Well the part where I was awake. The guardians had started to wake up from their unconscious positions. They looked a bit embarrassed at being beaten by a novice, especially a run away novice that supposedly, 'hadn't trained in 2 years.' I looked out the window and saw sky. I felt a bit tired since I had woken up at about 2 this morning doing homework that was now about to go to waste. I was taking a course in mechanics believe it or not and I was having a great time there too. I was working a great job that supported Lissa, Rose and I and I had a normal job! I'd met a fantastic guy that had asked me out a couple days before. Another thing that wouldn't happen because I was going back to the Academy. I pulled out my phone which was eyed suspiciously by all the guardians and sent him a text. 'Sorry but I have to cancel our date... I'm really sorry, so sorry... but something's come up... I had to leave...' That was all I could type before the emotions came tumbling after. As soon as I pressed that send button I knew... that was the end of what could have been a normal life for me... It was over forever... I sighed and then curled up in my blankets while I faded into the pleasant embrace of sleep.
  8. Hey guys! That's really the end! I hope you liked this first part to my Vampire Academy Love Story series! You'll need to comment if you want me to continue because I've had another series where I continued and almost nobody takes it.
  9. Thanks so much for taking this quiz! It says I need 12 questions so don't forget to hit submit! I want to know how many lovely people take my quiz!
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