Universal Orlando Quiz

Universal orlando is a great place. Many people love the atmosphere of the resort. It is a fun place for families and friends. People choose to come here for trips.

If you are one of those people, then this quiz is for you. It will test your universal knowledge and test you to the limits. This is a test to see if you know universal.

Created by: Aidan

  1. How many hotels are at universal orlando?
  2. How many hotels are at universal orlando?
  3. I enter Islands of adventure and see a giant rollercoaster to my left. What is it called?
  4. I have an express pass but the attendant said it didn't work on ALL the rides. Which ride is it?
  5. I feel like going on a water ride to cool down. What about a log flume!!! What ride is it?
  6. Time to go to the neighboring park, universal studios! I'm hungry.... I walk a little until I see a massive selection of food to eat at simpsons fast food Blv. What is NOT a food item?
  7. Time to see a show!!! I see this amphitheater next to Men in Black. What is it
  8. I'm gonna have an early lunch and then go back to islands of adventure. There is to many choices to pick to eat at!!! I like sports. Where is the best place for me to eat at? ( I hate Nascar)
  9. I'm at islands. I've heard my friends talking about this soft drink that is custom made at the Wizarding world of Harry potter. What is it?
  10. This is a difficult question. You may know it. What is NOT a priority to any annual pass

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