Do You Really Know Universal Studios Florida?

Each year many people visit Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. But did these people recognize the small details lurking around every corner? Now you can answer questions on these various details!

How many will you know? All of them? Maybe even none? Will you remember these questions when you go back to Universal? Hopefully you will! Good luck on this quiz!

Created by: Emmie
  1. Which spell is NOT used by Bill Weasley in Escape From Gringotts?
  2. In Men In Black: Alien Attack, what happens when you push the emergency red button near the end of the ride?
  3. In Diagon Alley, the dragon on top of Gringotts Bank spews fire about...
  4. How many loops does the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket have?
  5. Which park is Hogsmeade in?
  6. Which water ride is based off of Dudley Do-Right?
  7. What superhero group is the rival to Dr. Doom?
  8. On the Simpson's ride, what does it smell like when you go into Maggie's mouth?
  9. Which Harry Potter ride has two roller coasters in one?
  10. What is the main idea of Minion Mayhem?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Universal Studios Florida?