Unit 7 Age of Jackson and Manifest Destiny

This quiz is about Chapter 7 and you can do it! I know you can, I hope that you did really well and you will succeed. You can do just about anything Katy, we love you.

This Quiz is one that I've generated on-line and I am having a tough time finishing because Chris and Katy are disrupting my time. Please know that I am trying to finish it so it will help you study.

Created by: Wendy Payne

  1. The difference between the Jacksonian democracy and Jeffersonian democracy is that Jackson favored rule by
  2. Adams the man was
  3. The Spoils system was
  4. On of the benefits of the spoils system was it political machine and infiltrates new blood into the system.
  5. Nullification occurred in
  6. Why did Nicholas Biddle seeks early recharter instead of waiting for expiration in 1836?
  7. The results of the war were...
  8. The Tariff of 1832 was a proposal that reduced taxes by 50% and the North approved the commerce trade
  9. What were the causes of the Panic of 1837?
  10. Who was Jackson hand chosen successor?
  11. Who became the Secretary of State during the presidency of John Tyler?
  12. On the coldest day in History, Harrison spoke for one hour and forty minutes without a top hat and overcoat during his...
  13. The annexation of Texas was attractive to which two countries?
  14. Polk becomes the first "darkhorse" nominee to be elected in 1844
  15. Henry Clay was nominated for Presidency by the...
  16. Taylor takes his time to enter the Mexican territory because they are slow and lazy and noone wanted them?
  17. Which two countries claimed Oregon?
  18. The Treaty of Gualalupe-Hidalgo was the beginning of the War for Mexico?
  19. Sectionalism only occurred in the south?

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