Unicorn power what type of unicorn r u

there r horses, unicorns, pegasuses, unisuses and other random stuff. u have no reason to do this test, but you probably will still take it because u have no life,like me. It is proven that u have no life by u being on this site.

It is proven that I have no life by me making this test. u have three unicorns u can come out as: a dark mire, a lady lightacorn or a silkie. ur awsome so please take the test.

Created by: bella and charlotte

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what mood are u usually in
  2. If someone insulted ur friend in front of u what would u do
  3. If u were trapped with someone and u had no idea who they were what would u say
  4. Do u like chocolate
  5. r you violent
  6. do u like unicorns
  7. Filler question
  8. what is ur favourite colour
  9. what do you do in ur spare time
  10. do you like war or peace death or life

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