are you a unicorn?!?

So many people fake being unicorns and that's not okay. What is a unicorn you may ask it is the most majestic creature of all the lands ever made to be land (:

Are YOU a UNICORN?? Do you have what it tskes to be a unicorn?? Take this quiz to find out. With best lucks and wishes you may continue on with this majestic quiz (:

Created by: gertrude

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  1. are you apart of the equestrian species?
  2. do you have a horn like objct on the top of your head?!?!
  3. do you have rainbow hair??
  4. do you poop glitter?
  5. do you look majestic walking through the fields of candy?
  6. do I love you?
  7. do people think you donut exist ):
  8. is it possible you barf rainbows
  9. are people mean to the people who believe in you?
  10. are you a unicorn m80??

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Quiz topic: Am I a unicorn?!?