Which Unicorn are You?

Unicorns aree a very rare creature. Are you a unicorn? Finf out if, Why, And what type. This is sure to have accurate answsers! Tell your riends, family, and others about this. also, NO REMAKES.

EXAMPLES: wHAT ELEMENT? What genre book? Do you like this quiz? Anyone who want to remix can not. I have no impression upon making your next quiz.

Created by: rainbows

  1. You are walking up the street and you see a girl lying in the middle of it. A car is coming. What do you do?
  2. Quiz time!
  3. Just kidding, this is a quiz.
  4. Oh no!
  5. It's a hurt bear!!!
  6. WHat is your favorite activity in free time?
  7. Do you like rock bands?
  8. What genre book?
  9. What is your fav element?
  10. What is your fav element?
  11. What unicorn do you think you are
  12. FINAL!! DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!! What do you think?

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Quiz topic: Which Unicorn am I?