Ultimate Warrior Cat Quiz

Ok- so I'm actually Indigofur, but I redid my quiz so it's better- and longer! I decided to add some harder questions and edit some. BTW canon means real :)

So idk why I have to make to Informative Paragraphs, but whatever. At the end there will be a question- Have a good day!- and 'Yes', that's the right one! :)

Created by: MapleshadesClaw
  1. What is Fireheart's kittypet name?
  2. Who is Fireheart's sister?
  3. What color are Greystripe's eyes?
  4. Who kills Scourge?
  5. How does Bluestar die?
  6. Who killed Spottedleaf?
  7. Who killed Tigerstar
  8. Who is Sandstorm's mother?
  9. Who are Redtail's Kit(s)?
  10. Who is Bluestar's sister?
  11. Which ThunderClan leader becomes a kittypet?
  12. Who is Brambleclaw's mother?
  13. What two ThunderClan cats does Appledusk kill?
  14. Who are Appledusk and Mapleshade's kits?
  15. What color was Smudge?
  16. Who killed Hawkfrost?
  17. Who is Needlepaw's brother?
  18. What color is Tree?
  19. Who were Scourge's siblings?
  20. In the book 'Bluestar's Prophecy', who is the leader of ShadowClan?
  21. What is Warrior Code #2?
  22. In the book 'Night Whispers', who are ShadowClan's elders?
  23. Is Barley a Clan cat, rogue, exiled, or kittypet?
  24. Who is Appledusk's apprentice?
  25. Who found ThunderClan's lake territory?
  26. Leafstar is leader of what Clan?
  27. Who are Bluestar's kits?
  28. Which one of these Clans is not canon?
  29. What do warriors call winter?
  30. What is Bluestar's warrior name?
  31. Who was Tigerclaw's mentor?
  32. What were Ravenpaw's last words to Barley before he died?
  33. In the book 'Dawn', who is Thronclaw's appprentice?
  34. In the book 'Dawn', who is WindClan's leader?
  35. In the part of the book 'Tales From the Clans', in 'Tigerclaw's Fury', who isMudclaw's apprentice?
  36. In the book 'Sign of the Moon', who is WindClan's medicine cat?
  37. Have a good day! (Hit yes!)

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