ULTIMATE Warrior cat Love story! (SHE-CATS ONLY!)

Hello She-Cats! (NOT TOMS) Find out your warrior cats true love in this quiz! Now random lets because I don't know what to say now because I can't think of any...

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Created by: Sophia_TheBunny

  1. Hello guys! First I will be telling you guys the pelt colors of your sister AND the toms in this quiz! You can skip if you want. (WONT AFFECT SCORE)
  2. ~ WhitePaw ~ ( A pure white tom with black toes, and black tiger stripes and tail tip. His eye color is dark green. )
  3. ~ DuskPaw ~ ( All black tom with a white tail tip, muzzle and blaze. His eye color is Yellow )
  4. ~ HawkPaw ~ ( Brown tom with tan and dark brown dapples from head to tail. His eye color is Dark Blue. )
  5. ~ SmallPaw ~ ( Small ginger tom with dark orange ears, tail tip, paws, and muzzle. His eye color is cyan. )
  6. ~ Your sister GoldPaw ~ ( Yellow She-Cat with white eye spots and a full orange tail. Her eye color is cyan. )
  7. Ok lets start!
  8. You open your eyes for the first time and your sister stands in front of you. "You finally woke up! Mom is taking a cat nap and I want to show you the other kits I met! Wanna see them?"
  9. ( Whatever you chose, your mom woke up and told you to go with your sister. ) You and your sister walk to the other side of the nursery. "Here they are! Meet DusKit, WhiteKit, SmallKit, and HawkKit!" "Another She-Cat?..." Sighed DuskKit. "Hi!" Says WhiteKit. "We were about to play Mossball! Wanna join GoldKit and... Um what is your name?" Asks WhiteKit. "My name is (Y/K/N)" You answer. "Well nice meeting you! So as I was saying, would you like to play with us?"
  10. ( Whatever you chose, your sister forced you to play with them. ) WhiteKit tossed the ball to you. Who do you pass the ball to now?
  11. ( Whoever you chose, your mom calls you before you could pass it to anybody. ) "Yes Mom?" You say. "I just heard some news that your father had died while our clan was raiding DrizzleClan." "What!? B-But... I never met him!" "You have met him but you never saw him.." Replies your mother. "I will tell this to your sister as well but I thought it would be better for you to know before GoldPaw." "Mom.. But, how did daddy look like?" You asked. "He was a brave tom with a grey pelt and dark grey dapples. he had yellow eyes. Me and your father were together since we were kits.." Says your mom. Some tears were starting to drip from her eyes. "But.. It will be ok in a few days.. Anyway having fun?" Asks your mom. "Well.. before I could do anything, you called me up." You replied. "Oh StarClan! Well then go ahead and play, I am very sorry I disrupted your playtime, go ahead! You run off to the toms and your sister and continue playing. You sister asks you what their mother said. You say...
  12. Moons past and your sister already found out your father had died. You guys became apprentices and right now, you are training with your mentors with the toms. "Ok today we will test all of you guys hunting skills." Says OwlSpirit the mentor of DuskPaw. "Yes OwlSpirit, and there will be two groups. Whoever gets the most prey wins." Says DiamondWish the mentor of your sister. "SmallPaw with DuskPaw and GoldPaw." Says DiamondWish. "And second group is WhitePaw, HawkPaw, and (Y/A/N)." Adds DiamondWish. "Ready, Set, Go!" Says RubyStone the mentor of SmallPaw. You say..
  13. You caught a few rabbits and a vole. HawkPaw caught a robin and a mouse. And WhitePaw caught 3 Mice. The 3 of you set your prey on your group's pile. "GROUP 2 WINS!" Declared StoneFrost the mentor of WhitePaw. "NOOO!" Shouted your sister. The mentors of the cats in Group 1 walked up to their apprentices and told them that they needed more practice. Soon, training was over and all of you headed back to camp. A few moments later, You saw DuskPaw teasing the kits. You looked at him and he spotted you looking at him and sat down. He turned away as if nothing happened.
  14. You walk away and you see SmallPaw in front of you. He holds a robin in his mouth and drops it in front of you. "Um.. Hope you like it.." SmallPaw said shyly. he walked away.
  15. A moon later, it was another Gathering and this time, you got picked! Your mom groomed you and your sister. "Mom! I want to go to the gathering!" You said. "You need to look your best (Y/A/N). I am here to make you two look clean and beautiful." Says you mom. "Whatever..." Says your sister. You arrive at the gathering and HawkPaw was going too! Turns out you two were the only apprentices coming to the gathering. He blushes at you because he remembered a dream of having kits with you but then he turned his head away nervously and walked ahead of you.
  16. OK Guys that is it for now! Hope you liked it and make sure to check out part 2 when it arrived! I will announce part 2 when it comes out in the comments! Cya at the Gathering!

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